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Premier Research is a place where you can change lives. Where your work is rewarding and celebrated. Where you can grow and thrive professionally and personally. Where your voice matters, and your team is inspired by a common purpose. Every day.
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Our Culture

Across the full scope of product development, our Culture Values set the tone for our work. They define our Core Behaviors and enable every team member to bring their best. Always.

We Aim High
We Work Together
We Stay Agile
We Get It Done
We Care

Premier People

We Care

At Premier, I feel I’ve come home to a work-family that makes a difference in the world and shares my values of caring and empathy every day.

Catherine Jamin-Changeart

Project Manager, Oncology

We Work Together

Premier Research creates excellent teams by bringing together individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets and really using their knowledge and experience.

Stacy Miller

Senior, Global Records Specialist

We Care

Feeling appreciated is important to me, and I value the honest feedback which has helped me to grow, understand, and perform my work better.

Mariela Pancova

IRT, Associate Project Manager Sofia, Bulgaria

We Aim High

I am always chasing new experiences, new ways to develop, new roles, and all my managers at Premier Research have been really accommodating and supportive.

James Mair

Clinical Lead, Australia

We Get It Done

I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do, but maybe just need some extra guidance. People did that for me, and I am really happy to do it for others.

Mark Manoly

Project Director, Analgesia

We Work Together

Premier really is different from other CROs; it’s truly a company that cares about its people, that really wants to do what’s right for them.

Amy Gutierrez

Senior Project Launch Manager, North Carolina

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