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The central nervous system affects physical and behavioral health in untold ways. Unraveling the field’s complexity requires an understanding that comes only from experience.

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Breaking barriers in neuroscience

A nuanced approach to a uniquely complex field

Neurological outcomes can seldom be measured just by lab results. Having performed more than 250 studies across the field in the past five years, we have the hands-on experience and knowledgeable staff to provide the precise approach your trial needs and to anticipate and overcome the obstacles – for example, finding ways to manage screen failure rates in Alzheimer’s trials that reach as high as 70 percent.

Today is a fascinating time to work in neuroscience drug development as we help the most innovative sponsors unlock the mysteries of the central nervous system. Our neuroscience clinical research professionals leverage their background in a diverse range of psychiatric and neurological indications to ensure that we provide you with the best possible regulatory and scientific, medical, and operational delivery advice.

Why choose Premier?
  • Our work has touched more than 50,000 patients afflicted by just about every major central nervous system disorder
  • More than half of our work is in rare diseases
  • We have a history of breakthrough work, including the first post-traumatic stress disorder study in military veterans


Disease-modifying therapies in Parkinson’s disease

Researchers have made many attempts at disease modification as they pursue breakthroughs in treating Parkinson’s disease, but so far without success. Why have these efforts failed, and what’s next?


Positive results delivered ahead of time

With unanticipated interest in these pivotal Phase 3 studies, Premier Research needed to line up and train the right resources while collaborating effectively with the central laboratory, data manager, and other participants.

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Neuroscience Experts

Krista Armstrong, Ph.D.

Krista Armstrong, Ph.D.

SVP, Clinical Operations, North America
Andreas Schreiner, M.D.

Andreas Schreiner, M.D.

Vice President, Medical Affairs Neuroscience & Analgesia

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