Premier People: Mariela Pancova, IRT, Associate Project Manager

Premier Value: We Care

“Feeling appreciated is important to me, and I value the honest feedback which has helped me to grow, understand, and perform my work better.

I applied to become Project Coordinator at the urging of one of my colleagues, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what the job entailed. I got the promotion, but when I started down this new path, I wasn’t confident — and yet, my performance really mattered. I have a lot of contact with sponsors, and when they have a question, I need to respond immediately; if my response is inaccurate, it can affect the track of the study.

My line manager has absolutely been there for me. He has always answered any question, no matter how big or how small.  He takes the time to address my questions with detail so I understand exactly what to do and why. It’s true of other team members, too; whenever I have an issue, they always get back to me, show me, help me. Of course, it’s a two-way street. If my colleagues need help, I am happy to provide it.

One particularly nice thing about Premier Research is that management asks for help, too. For instance, I’ve been asked for my input on how processes can be improved — and they listen to my ideas. They have made changes based on my recommendations, which really lets me know that I am a valuable member of the team. That give and take has been so important for me.

As the company has grown, leadership has become even more focused on the employees; we frequently receive updates on the company’s financial state, vision, and aspirations. Our department also communicates clearly. Each of us knows what is expected and understands our career path options; we can follow one path or pivot if we would like to try something different.

When you have a healthy relationship with your manager and your colleagues, it lowers stress levels and allows you to do better work. A collegial environment wasn’t something that I was specifically searching for when I joined Premier, but when I found it here, I was amazed.

I have learned from my work experience that you can be highly paid, but if you don’t have good relationships with the people you work with, the money will not satisfy you. My relationships with my Premier teammates — and the feeling that gives me — has kept me here. Let’s say that I have had opportunities to leave, but I never considered them for a minute. I know how hard it is to find a work environment like this where your colleagues support and encourage you to keep advancing.