Women’s Health Clinical Trial Expertise

Disease and treatment impact women differently than men. That’s why women’s health research deserves a specialized approach.

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The expertise to advance women’s health research globally

Historically, clinical trials have failed to adequately address the safety and efficacy concerns of women. With growing evidence of the risks this presents, it is obvious that successful research must be routed in a deep understanding of the unique needs of women.

Supported by a global network of thousands of highly experienced women’s health sites, Premier Research conquers the complexities of developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics for conditions that exclusively or disproportionately affect women.

Why choose Premier?
  • Expertise in women’s health research honed in more than 100 trials over the past five years
  • Optimized site selection leveraging a network of thousands of women’s health sites to drive rapid start-up and improve patient engagement and data consistency
  • Proven track record working with multiple FDA divisions, including significant experience working with the Division of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology (DUOG)

Premier Research Acquires Specialty Women’s Health and Diagnostics CRO

Integrating Health Decisions’ expertise in women’s health and diagnostic studies is a perfect complement to our CRO and consulting services for biotech and device sponsors, particularly in oncology, analgesia, and neuroscience.

A Women-Centric Approach to Clinical Trials

For decades, women were left out of clinical trials. They are demanding more power, information, and control when it comes to their health including having a stronger voice in shaping clinical research for treatments that impact their care.

Women’s Health Expert

Marshika Keith-Vickers, M.S.

Marshika Keith-Vickers, M.S.

Senior Program Director, Women’s Health

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