Premier People: Amy Gutierrez, Project Launch Manager

Premier Value: We Work Together

“Premier really is different from other CROs; it’s truly a company that cares about its people, that really wants to do what’s right for them.

I was at Premier for almost 15 years when I decided I needed a change. So, I took another job — and almost immediately realized I had made a mistake. My husband told me I needed to call my former manager at Premier. I was scared to pick up the phone; I thought, “I left them; they’re going to turn their backs on me.” But, instead, they welcomed me with open arms. And it felt like coming home.

I love clinical research. No two days are ever the same. Even when you are on the same type of study or working with the same sites, there is always something new. As one of my early mentors said, “It’s like I am going to school every day.” Those opportunities to advance are even more robust at Premier than at many other CROs. You aren’t pigeonholed; you have the flexibility to wear different hats and to explore different avenues. There are almost always opportunities to see where you fit and what makes you happy—and you get the support you need to make those changes. That has certainly been my experience.

Years ago, I was a clinical research associate. I was having dinner with a project director, and she asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I replied that I wanted to get off the road and move into clinical management. Right there, at dinner, she outlined the steps I would need to take to make the transition — bit by bit taking on more responsibility — and then she worked with me on every step. 

That sort of thing has happened over and over. As I’ve moved through Premier, I have been supported 110 percent. That’s not just in terms of career growth. All the teams that I have been part of are dedicated to our “We Work Together” value. People ask, “What do you need? How can I pitch in? Do you want me to write that vendor management plan for you?”

Premier also has a very generous FTO plan. We are encouraged to leave our computers behind and step aside to take time to recharge our batteries. And because people step in and cover for colleagues who are away, I have never come back to a fire I had to put out. It’s definitely a team-centric atmosphere.

Premier Research is a gem within the industry – everyone from senior leadership down cares about their people. The support that I have received from my team and management is unprecedented. I am so lucky to have been able to come back.