Premier Research Launches PremierPredict™ Trial Enrollment Simulator for More Accurate & Efficient Study Start-Up

New Tool Enables Premier Teams to Deliver Optimized Country and Site Activation and Patient Recruitment Throughout Duration of Trial

Morrisville, N.C., July 9, 2021Premier Research, a leading provider of clinical research and development and advisory services to the biotechnology, specialty pharma, and medical device industry, today announced the launch of PremierPredict™, a powerful clinical trial enrollment probability simulator. Part of Premier’s Study Start-Up application, the new tool enables Premier study teams to deliver more accurate, structured, and efficient planning for country and site activation and patient recruitment – not just at the initial stages of a project, but throughout the full course of each investigational study.

“This key component of our Study Start-Up application not only alleviates uncertainty and delivers successful on-time clinical trials, but it quickly provides highly accurate patient recruitment projections,” said LaRae Bennett, Senior Director, Data & Analytics.

Monte Carlo simulation improves patient recruitment projection accuracy

The PremierPredict™ platform uses a Monte Carlo simulation to predict the probability of different outcomes. The simulator optimizes the number of sites and countries needed for each trial and estimates total country start-up, site activation, and patient recruitment needs. This is achieved by providing calculated mapping for each country, site, and patient, while considering operational variables and applying decision-making metrics that reflect trial expectations, including: 

  • Country start-up and regulatory process
  • Site activation ramp-up
  • Site fatigue
  • Seasonal variation in patient enrollment

“Using PremierPredict™, our experts deliver enhanced decision-making for our sponsors with visualizations, detailed planning numbers, and project milestones that are a critical part of the services Premier Research provides,” says Bennett. “Enrollment projections can be remodeled as needed throughout the study to ensure our sponsors’ life-changing development programs stay on track.”

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