Premier People: Przemek Ziemkowski, Associate Principal Data Scientist

Premier Value: We Work Together

I started studying biotechnology at Warsaw University of Technology. I was focused on the development of active compounds for drugs; I liked thinking about the underlying relationship of compounds and how you could imagine new opportunities to help people, to develop medicines. That curiosity led me to decide to go for a PhD at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics. During that time, I did a lot of research, focused on getting the best structure-activity relationship, for new compounds working with people in different specializations. When I graduated, I briefly became a lecturer at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. I realized that wasn’t the thing for me. I wanted to be closer to drug development, to be able to see how the work helps people.

I took an opportunity to move into data management with a pharmaceutical company, starting out as a clinical data manager (CDM). I learned a lot from that position, beginning with reviewing the data. I learned how to develop edit checks and reports, how to analyze them, how to work within a team, how to take responsibility. I was promoted to senior CDM, and then to lead CDM.

After six years, I was ready for a change, and my colleague convinced me to try Premier Research. He said the people were nice. He was right! I had a conversation with HR and with my line manager, and it was a really great interview experience. The offer was great. The opportunity was great. I took it.

Of course, there was some adjustment, going from the sponsor side to a contract research organization (CRO). In my Premier role, I can be in charge of data for three or four studies at a time. The CRO structure requires much more flexibility because every sponsor has specific SOPs. In order to master each SOP, I may need input from my teammates based on their experience, and they are always helpful. Any time I’m unclear I can reach out to my very knowledgeable colleagues for a brainstorm. It helps you get outside your preconceived box, to see an issue from new vantage points. I meet frequently with my line manager and my peers; I also meet with the data coordinators who report to me; I want to know their own struggles, so I can help them develop and become more comfortable in their work. I am happy to do some mentoring; it’s very, very satisfying.

For me, all the Premier Culture Values – We Aim High, We Work Together, We Stay Agile, We Get It Done, We Care – are valuable. If you care about the people you work with, you learn their needs and you take care of them. You help them aim high. The balance for every person is different because we are all different, but if someone wants to grow and develop, they are all necessary. But of all the Values, I believe We Work Together is the most important. If people work together, they can do more than any one person working alone. I see that brought to life each day at Premier and it makes my work here that much more fulfilling.

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