Late Phase Research | HTA: Emphasizing the Need in HTA Evaluation

Thursday, July 28 | 10am EDT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

Health technology assessments play a critical role in creating medical, public health, and social policies that help ensure that patients get the right treatment at the right time and at the right cost. For drug developers, understanding HTAs and designing clinical trials and economic evaluations to support this assessment are essential to gaining market access and traction.

This webinar will examine the linkage between HTAs and late-phase clinical research, emphasizing the growing need for carefully designed studies and economic evaluations to support post-marketing success. Topics will include:

  • The purpose of HTAs and how they are used to guide decision-making that promotes an equitable, efficient, and high-quality health system
  • The HTA evaluation process: Though it varies from region to region, there are common milestones shared by all HTA bodies
  • How patients contribute to HTAs by giving input beyond the outcomes collected and analyzed during a study
  • Case studies that provide insight into the opportunities and challenges of HTAs

Featured Speakers:

Colleen Coleman, Associate Director, Program Strategy, RWLP

Diana Iammarino, Clinical Project Lead, RWLP