Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Essential Strategies in Dermatology Clinical Trials: The Convergence of Patients, Regulations, and Study Design

Competition for patients among sponsors in the field of dermatology drug development has never been as intense as it is now — so much so that it’s becoming difficult to meet project timelines, attract and retain patients, and achieve comprehensive study results.

Patients are in high demand, and making studies appealing to them — convenient, safe, and offering good prospects for success — is essential. Prospective enrollees need to be involved early in the trial development process to ensure that their interests and the sponsors’ needs align. Even regulators call for more robust patient engagement through techniques such as e-consent, which helps patients make informed decisions using interactive multimedia tools.

What’s more, sponsors and CROs need to develop and apply innovative approaches to determining what countries offer the greatest chance of success, and to getting studies up and running quickly.

This webinar will cover essential topics for driving competitive advantage, including:

  • How to start the study in the shortest time possible, beginning with an assessment of what country or countries can offer the fastest start-up
  • Strategies for engaging patients, making your study more appealing, safe, and rewarding than competing trials
  • Accelerating the timeline from country selection to first patient screened
  • Evaluating protocol considerations to increase the overall feasibility of the study and optimize regulatory start-up timelines

Presented by: Asya Maksimova, M.D., Director, Study Start-Up