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Dermatology Webinar Series: Looking Ahead to the Future of Dermatology Research

New treatment options for moderate to severe dermatological diseases and areas of high unmet need are driving a revolution in clinical development of dermatology drugs. But questions remain: What indications should be pursued? How to design a study that targets the right endpoints? And how will environmental constraints affect the research?

In this three-part series, Premier Research’s team of dermatological medics, program strategists, and regulatory experts answer these questions and more as we look ahead to the future of dermatology research.

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A New Era in Dermatology: Study Design, Regulatory Strategies, and Patient Participation

  • How an innovative clinical development plan can help you get to market sooner
  • Five operational considerations to keep as top priorities
  • Best practices in the current clinical development landscape

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Essential Strategies in Dermatology Clinical Trials: The Convergence of Patients, Regulations, and Study Design

  • How to start the study in the shortest time possible, beginning with an assessment of what country or countries can offer the fastest start-up
  • Strategies for engaging patients, making your study more appealing, safe, and rewarding than competing trials
  • Accelerating the timeline from country selection to first patient screened

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