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Development Strategy

Premier Insight 284 | Leveraging Experienced Research Networks for Global Psychiatry Studies in Difficult-to-Access Populations

Introduction When approached for an early-in-illness schizophrenia trial, Premier Research knew that patient recruitment would be challenging and require creative approaches for success. Based on our experience in mental illness studies and with this indication, we recognized the importance of identifying sites where patients were already being diagnosed and treated. To achieve this, the Premier...

Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

The Placebo Problem, Part 3: Psychological Underpinnings

This is the third installment of our look at the increasingly high placebo response that is plaguing clinical trials in analgesia and psychiatry. Additional posts in the series can be accessed here. Solutions to the placebo problem require an understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Broadly, research on contributors to the placebo response falls into two...