State of War in Ukraine and Business Continuity

As of March 24, 2022

As the crisis in Ukraine evolves, our urgent priority remains the safety and well-being of our staff, their families, and our clinical trial patients. The situation is fluid, and we continue to adapt our response to meet the challenge.

We have set in motion a comprehensive range of practical measures to aid those affected by this emergency.

Staff Assistance

Assistance to our employees in Ukraine — including evacuation — is being coordinated by our Premier Research Ukraine Task Force — a 24/7 unit established at the onset of this evolving crisis. We will maintain this effort until staff relocation is completed, and unfolding disruptions to life and work have been resolved.

Sites and Sponsors

As developments occur, we are updating our teams, sponsors and patients. Our Task Force is evaluating the disruption and/or suspension of trials caused by the crisis. We are working with all stakeholders — sponsors, staff, and patients — to safeguard the integrity of our development work.

In this regard, the safety of patients enrolled in our trials continues to be our immediate focus. Where applicable, we are transferring patients to new sites, and are taking steps to ensure that sufficient therapeutics are available and patient safety is maintained. Where needed, we are identifying contingency sites located outside of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

  • Ukraine: Due to the realities in the field, we have ceased monitoring activities in Ukraine. We will not start new trials, submit new regulatory submissions, or enroll new patients for the foreseeable future.
  • Russia: We have ceased offering CRO services and operations in Russia due to our inability to maintain a safe, stable, and secure operations and business environment in the country. We are retaining clinical operations staff while we safely discontinue studies, monitor patient safety, and close our office.
  • Belarus: We have ceased sales of new services for work in Belarus. New site activations have been halted. We are continuing to monitor any logistic controls that may affect trials.

Note to Premier Research Customers

Questions regarding specific studies should be directed to Project Managers. Thank you for your support as we navigate this difficult situation and engage in efforts to support those most affected.