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Premier Insight 247: Forty Percent Savings in Four Weeks: Yeah, We’re That Good

A U.S. pharmaceutical company needed an immediate outsourcing solution to replace an underperforming vendor. Not only was time critical, cost was, too. These new data specialists would be located offshore to reduce the sponsor’s overhead.

Oh, and did we mention it had to be done fast?

Higher performance, lower cost

Premier Research stepped in and had a new team operational inside of a month. The client’s cost for this high-performing new capability: 40 percent less than it was paying the terminated vendor.

We have a lot of experience managing data acquisition and laboratory data, and highly-skilled resources around the world. Using senior-level experts in those functional areas, we quickly provided 34 full-time equivalent employees, badged to Premier Research and dedicated to the sponsor.

Using a train-the-trainer model, we had the team running in four weeks — and fully staffed and trained in 12 weeks. We filled most of the positions at low-cost centers in Sofia, Bulgaria, and elsewhere in Eastern and Central Europe, with support from Premier Research offices in the Boston area. The new team combines members of our existing workforce and people from our pipeline of trusted candidates.

Our global IT group worked with the sponsor to seamlessly and securely connect the Sofia facility’s modern IT infrastructure with the client’s systems.

Coordination is key

Any quick changeover requires careful coordination and sensitivity in managing overlap between vendors. We handled notification of the sponsor’s study teams and external data vendors, ensuring there was no disruption to ongoing trials. When necessary, staffers at the European offices work later shifts, starting at 11am local time, to maximize coverage with U.S. time zones and meet short-term deliverables.

When it comes to offshore outsourcing, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs for cost and quality while keeping your studies on track.