Functional Service Provider (FSP)

How We Help: Getting Started With Premier FSP

Access our deep resource pool

FSPs can drive down costs and make you even more agile

We have created a flexible sourcing approach that gives operational teams the benefit of our clinical research expertise and access to our extensive resources. The advantages we offer can take many forms – from outsourcing to server hosting, from siting data operations in cost-friendly markets to hybrid approaches that combine on-site resources, off-site resources, and global sourcing efficiency.

Our functional service provider (FSP) model lets you control and fine-tune your level of involvement so you have full flexibility in deciding how hands-on (or hands-off) you want to be. Not ready to move to an FSP model? We can also help you build out a framework for success, including developing and/or supporting:

  • In-house standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Standard document templates
  • Data collection and reporting standards
  • Preferred electronic data capture (EDC) or study dashboard systems
  • Standard metrics packages

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