Consulting Holistic Approach Benefits Drug Development

Professionals focused on drug development are charged with making the most of their resources, maximizing the value of their work, and bringing effective products to market as quickly as they can without compromising quality or safety. It is a long list of responsibilities, and development professionals struggle to balance all of them.

Sameena Sharif, senior vice president of product strategy for Regulatory Professionals, a division of contract research organization (CRO) Premier Research, recently spoke with Outsourcing-Pharma about the benefits of taking a holistic approach to building drug development programs. Adopting such a strategy and philosophy can streamline the process and lead to better outcomes, she said.

“There are a couple of approaches that I think people are leveraging today, or have been heading toward,” ​she told us. “One such approach is leveraging the one drug, one target, and the second is utilizing a multi-target drug discovery strategy. Traditional drug discovery platforms are based on the backbone of the disease targeting a particular aspect of the disease, a receptor, upstream or downstream​.”