Premier Research Sponsors ‘Disorder,’ a Rare Disease Film Festival

DURHAM, N.C., AUGUST 14, 2017 — Rare diseases afflict tens of millions of people, and for professionals seeking to treat these conditions, it can be tempting to regard patients more as diagnoses and outcomes than as folks seeking to lead otherwise normal lives.

That’s why Premier Research has signed on as a presenting sponsor of Disorder: The Rare Disease Film Festival, taking place Oct. 2-3 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Rare disease patients are not just clinical subjects, but real people who identify themselves in ways that have little or nothing to do with their illnesses,” said Juliet Moritz, an Executive Director, Patient Engagement and Strategic Development at Premier Research. “This festival reminds us that we’re working with people who are living real lives and have real hopes, dreams, and fears, and it will help forge stronger connections within the rare disease community.” Juliet will be speaking on Oct. 2 at 5:00pm, during Slate #3.

The festival will feature films from around the world, and filmmakers will address questions from audience members. Between screenings, researchers and patient advocates will share stories from their experience.

“Anyone making a rare disease film is hoping to increase awareness,” said festival co-founder Daniel DeFabio. “We created this festival after asking, ‘Who is the best audience for those awareness efforts?’ We wanted to get the right people in the same room sharing these stories: the patients, the advocates, the researchers, and industry. We think this can spark conversations and collaborations that move us beyond awareness and closer to cures.”

Rare disease is a therapeutic specialty at Premier Research, which has conducted 115 studies in the field in the past five years. The company has extensive experience recruiting from tiny patient populations and working with organizations that advocate for these patients.

About Premier Research
Premier Research is a leading clinical development service provider that helps highly innovative biotech and specialty pharma companies transform breakthrough ideas into reality. The company has a wealth of experience in the execution of global, regional and local clinical development programs with a special focus on addressing unmet needs in areas such as analgesia, dermatology, medical device, neuroscience, oncology, pediatric, and rare disease. Premier Research operates in 84 countries and employs 1,100 professionals, including a strong international network of clinical monitors and project managers, regulatory, data management, statistical, scientific, and medical experts. They are focused on smart study design for advanced medicines that allow life-changing treatments.