Tales from the Road – “Come Tech Out” the Triangle

Today’s Tales from the Road comes from Corporate Recruiter, Raiza Rivera, who attended Come Tech Out the Triangle earlier this month. We exhibited at this tech-focused job fair in hopes of recruiting for several open technology positions at Premier.

“I came to the job fair today because I saw that Premier Research was on the list and I wanted to learn more about the company.”

As a Recruiter with Premier Research, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to hear those words. To me, that means our company is engaging positively with the job market and our community. That means we’re making our mark in the biotech and clinical research industry.

Earlier this month, we attended the “Come Tech Out the Triangle” job fair sponsored by North Carolina Technology Association. The event was highly attended by professionals in the tech industry, business professionals looking for roles in sales or project management, recent graduates, and students seeking employment after graduation.

We work with biotech and specialty pharma customers, but our goals for this particular job fair were very specific: To get out in front of the tech community and network with Software Developers and Testing Architects, letting them know about the lucrative technical career opportunities available in clinical research at Premier.

That’s what people don’t always realize, that a clinical development company would have a need for these types of roles. In fact, one developer walking by our booth quickly discounted Premier, wondering “What business does a developer have at a company that works in research?” Once he stopped to chat, he was quickly intrigued when we told him we were actively looking for developers. We shared the career opportunities available at Premier in the realms of software and system development. It was great to see his opinion of our company change with just one conversation.

We definitely accomplished our goals of getting out in our community, primarily the tech community, and enlightening professionals about all the technical career opportunities that a contract research organization has to offer.

It was a pleasure being a representative on behalf of Premier Research and being able to speak to professionals about the good of our company.  I can’t wait to do it again!