Rare Disease Day 2017: With Research, Possibilities Are Limitless

One of the most rewarding efforts I’ve seen in my years working with Premier Research is watching our Rare Disease Day activities unfold.

Every year we ask our employees to support Rare Disease Day in some way, so we can all remember how crucial our role is in clinical development, especially in this area of unmet need. One might even say, that rare disease is one of the things we do best.

Our passion is growing – you can see it in our own photos from past years (2014, 2015, and 2016). Participation and enthusiasm for our program has blossomed, as we’ve all worn our Global Genes Blue Denim Ribbons and jeans to show how we #CareAboutRare.  In fact, it’s not just our excitement for it, we’re continually amazed to see all the rare disease efforts from around the world, whether it’s raising hands, creating informational posters, or hosting conferencestweet chats, or events.

As for us, we’ve joined Rare Disease Day this year, but we wanted to hear more from our employees about why their work in rare disease is so important to them. Our RDD 2017 program includes asking Premier People to create signs that share WHY or WHO they’re supporting for RDD2017, or to simply share a message of hope for rare disease patients, families, and researchers.

Join us as we learn what makes our people tick when it comes to rare disease, and why we fully believe “with research, possibilities are limitless.”