Management Team

Cell & Gene Therapy

Jessica Merryfield

Executive Director, Cell & Gene Therapy

Jessica Merryfield has been involved in global clinical research for more than 20 years, specializing in rare diseases for the last 10 years. As executive director, gene and cell therapy; Ms. Merryfield advises, consults, plans, and directs the design and strategy for prospective and ongoing gene and cell therapy studies. In her role, she provides operational excellence by driving best practices, identifying global needs for innovation and improvements, and leading Premier’s Continuous Learning Program for Advanced Therapeutics.

Through stakeholder engagement and cross-functional management, Ms. Merryfield operates at a strategic support level for complex, critical therapeutically aligned programs. She coordinates strategic direction and delivery for gene and cell therapy with Premier’s innovative partners, including regulatory and statistical consulting, therapeutic experts, patient engagement, and strategic development.

Ms. Merryfield has extensive experience in phase 1-4 studies, including autosomal, neurological, metabolic, and hematology disease utilizing innovative precision medicine technologies. Her key experience areas include pediatrics, rare/ultra-rare disease, cardiology, immunology/autoimmune disorders, dermatology, and CNS.