Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Premier CTMS: The Central Organizing Principle for Successful Studies

Across the industry, most trials don’t have access to real-time results…which leads to delays. 95% of those delays last longer than a month.

Addressing this challenge means tackling the underlying problems of data being held in disparate places, and failure to predict and address risk. Our Premier One Ecosystem captures all the data related to your trial and brings it together in our ePremier Integration hub, used by our highly trained clinical data scientists for seamless study management, near-real-time data analysis and rapid, informed actions.

The ePremier CTMS is part of this system-agnostic data integration platform. Watch this video to learn how this powerful application brings together all your study data so that your Premier project team can provide you with deeper insights, automate administrative tasks, and generate critical reports. Premier Research. Built for Biotech℠