Data Management & Biostatistics

PremierOne Ecosystem – Delivering clarity amid the complexity

Fully Integrated Ecosystem Fuels Biotech Innovation

The PremierOne Ecosystem aggregates all the data captured within our ePremier environment. The ecosystem also represents Premier Research’s processes for data analysis related to administrative and financial data, study management data, and patient data. Among systems contributing to the ecosystem are risk monitoring, clinical trial management, electronic data capture, and time and expense data.

  • Data aggregation: The ecosystem aggregates all study-related data in one centralized system for rapid, informed insights
  • Real-time analytics: Highly trained staff conduct near-real-time analysis, considering data from the perspectives of risk, efficacy, and process improvement
  • Centralized collaboration: Coordinated teams for centralized and on-site monitoring optimize data quality and better manage compliance risk

In short, we engage, lead and provide end-to-end visibility to enhance study-wide communication, speed enrollment, improve safety, and reduce risk.

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