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Innovation in Rare Oncology Trial Design

Dosing and Safety ConsiderationsMost uses of immunotherapies have been limited to cancers, like those in the lungs or pancreas, that produce a strong immune response. In this article, Luke Gill, head of oncology at Premier Research, takes a look at how improvements in the methods used for immuno-oncology drug trials could benefit both researchers and patients. Read our blog.

Target Product Profiles: Turning Discoveries Into Companies

Turning Discoveries Into CompaniesClinical research’s purpose is to help patients. Too often the human element can get lost in drug development. When designing studies, researchers need to consider the challenges patients and their families face and incorporate the trial innovations oncology patients want. Read our blog.

Complete Response: Lymphoma Trial a Success for 5 Patients

Successful_Lymphoma_TrialA trans-Atlantic trial of an antibody to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma exceeded expectations nearly three years before its planned completion. Five of 92 patients showed complete response to the CD19 antibody and were cancer-free a year later. Read our case study for the details.

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