CAR T-Cell Therapies: Extending Hope with Broadened Access

March 23, 2023
11:00 a.m. EDT

CAR T-cell therapies have transformed the therapeutic landscape for hematologic malignancies, offering substantial benefit to patients with few alternative treatment options. While these innovative therapies represent a breakthrough in immuno-oncology, their impact thus far has been limited to a small subset of patients, and challenges to development and commercialization remain a hurdle. These challenges range from narrow patient eligibility criteria and complex administration processes to off-tumor toxicity, complicated manufacturing scale-up and high costs.

There is significant potential to expand the applications of — and broaden access to — CAR T‑cell therapies to address unmet needs. Opportunities exist to not only optimize the safety, efficacy and clinical potency of these treatments, but also make them more widely available to larger, more diverse patient populations.

Join the featured speaker as they explore key strategies for broadening access to CAR T‑cell therapies and discuss important considerations for sponsors focused on increasing patient-centricity and diversity in clinical trials involving these novel treatments.


Ayesha A. Pandit, MD, MS, MBA
Vice President, Medical Affairs