Strategic Development

We’ve mastered the complexity of the drug development process

Advancing the creation of today’s most promising therapies

Drugs that address unmet medical needs are emerging at a record pace, with biotech and specialty pharma companies leading the development of these innovative compounds. These small companies, including tiny “virtual pharma” concerns, have limited vertical infrastructure and partner with the strategic development experts at Premier Research because we understand the complexity and nuances of the drug development process — things like:

  • Trial design
  • Clinical development plans
  • Protocol-writing
  • Working with regulators
  • Medical oversight of clinical trials

They seek our expertise in areas such as trial design, clinical development plans, and working with the FDA. They turn here because our experts have diverse pharmaceutical and CRO backgrounds and understand the intricacy of drug development and regulation.

We know drug development and can help customers quickly achieve proof of concept and move efficiently through clinical trials — recognizing trends that might become problems, such as whether a high patient screening failure rate signals a problem with inclusion and exclusion criteria. And we take them through the entire process, including regulatory review and attainment of orphan status.

We’ve mastered the complexity of the drug development process in analgesia, oncology, neuroscience, psychiatry, pediatrics, and rare disease so our customers can focus on developing life-changing treatments.

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