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Position compounds for clinical and commercial success

Despite aggressive orphan drug development over the past 15 years, the pharma industry — dissuaded by small patient populations, high costs, and limited commercial potential — has barely put a dent in the 7,000+ known rare diseases.

In this white paper, we look at opportunities in the field of rare disease treatments and outline strategies to maximize the odds of success.

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Podcast: Engaging Patients in Clinical Trials w/ Alan Thomas & Juliet Moritz

Alan Thomas & Juliet MoritzAs Premier Research’s Vice President, Patient and Stakeholder Engagement (PASE), Juliet Moritz has viewed this evolution up close — and so has Alan Thomas, founder of an organization that advocates on behalf of people afflicted with ataxia, a rare neurological disorder. Listen to the podcast now.


Blog Post: 5 Operational Considerations For Rare Disease Trials

For studies in support of orphan drug designations, operational concerns can be broken down into five major issues: patient identification, patient engagement, patient retention, investigative site selection, and site team support. Read more here.


Case Study: Using Every Tool To Fight A Rare Disease

Close-up of two people grayscaleOur recruiting target was 18 patients, but even that was a challenge for a condition that afflicts just one in 31,000 people. It required making full use of what few resources were available, including key opinion leaders (KOLs) at the two trial sites and a national patient advocacy group. Read the case study.

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