To succeed in pediatrics, you need to know pediatric diseases, from familiar to extremely rare indications. But more than that, you need to really understand children.

The ethics of caring for vulnerable populations

It’s a delicate balance: providing the special protection each child requires while advancing healthcare in a way that benefits all children.

Pediatric clinical trial experts

Pediatric studies are much different from adult trials, and recruiting, ethics, and regulation are just some of the reasons why. You can count on our knowledge and insight.

Benefit from our success

Our depth of pediatric experience equips us to safely interact with patients for the mutual benefit of children and sponsors.

Complex pediatric regulations often require pediatric trials for adult medicines

But when? Why? And how? Uncertainty can cost you time and money — but we can guide you.


How we mastered pediatric trials

Our six years as sole coordinating center for the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act gave us extensive and diverse pediatric experience.

Dealing with confusing regulatory requirements

Sponsors who ignore requests for pediatric studies can face regulatory roadblocks for otherwise compliant medications. We can help.

The big challenge: Patient access

It’s getting harder to enroll patients in pediatric trials. Here’s a hint: Start by winning over parents and pediatricians.

Pediatric resources

Watch our webinars and discover informative white papers and case studies.

We’ve completed 187 pediatric trials in the past five years. We’re so committed to the field that we created our own pediatric certificate training program for all operational team members. It’s what we do. Best.

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