In this incredibly complex and fast-evolving field, lab results reveal only so much. Success demands an exceptional touch and lots of experience. We have both.

Having completed more than 252 clinical trials across multiple aspects of neuroscience in the past five years, we have the hands-on experience and the seasoned experts to anticipate and overcome the obstacles.

Guiding you to a successful outcome

We understand the methodologies relevant to neurological indications and the critical success factors specific to each.

Far-ranging research

Our work touches more than 42,000 patients afflicted by all major central nervous system disorders.

Thought leaders in neuroscience drug development

We have the institutional knowledge to deal with a wide range of complex neurological indications.

Breaking ground in PTSD research

We’re the first CRO to study post-traumatic stress syndrome in military veterans.

Psychiatric studies

A specialty within a specialty

Before recruitment: The importance of psychometry

Neurological outcomes can seldom be measured by lab results. When your study calls for a unique measurement system, we’ll develop one.

Rapid advances, big new challenges

Our experience positions us well to evaluate and optimize use of dramatic new developments in the field of neuroscience.

Neuroscience resources

Meet our top neuroscience expert and discover informative webinars and case studies.

The nervous system affects behavior and physical well-being in countless ways. We help sponsors make sense of this complexity. It’s what we do. Best.

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