More Effective ePRO for Pain Clinical Trials

Optimizing the effectiveness of ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes) in pain clinical trials

Our customers prefer electronic patient-reported outcomes over paper reports by a 4-1 margin, and with good reason. Patients using ePRO report outcomes immediately, whereas investigators receive paper diaries days or weeks later. Electronic reports also are time-stamped for verification. This minimizes two potential causes of variability: inaccurate patient recollections of the pain they experienced and differences in rater evaluations from one site to another.

Your study is only as good as the data it generates. Missing or incomplete information can compromise your research, so we developed a smartphone application to ensure timely and accurate patient-reported outcomes.

Premier Mobile ePRO is a fast, intuitive, and simple way to help subjects stay compliant with their diary entries while giving you the high-quality data that drives successful trial outcomes. Most studies still rely on paper diaries that are cumbersome to use. The interactive voice response systems used in some trials are likewise awkward and slow.

Smartphones have become personal appendages for most of us, making them a natural choice for patient data input. Using the simple and intuitive ePro application, patients make their daily entries in about two minutes via their smartphones. You receive the information electronically, bypassing the need to manually input data from hundreds or thousands of paper diaries.

Premier Mobile ePRO is available as part of a full-service offering, or stand-alone service.

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