You already know our work. We have studied just about every type of pain and major class of analgesics, including every NSAID analgesic on the market today.

Many of the pain models that are today’s industry standards were invented right here.

One of them, our post-operative bunionectomy model, reduces patient recruitment time by 30 percent to 40 percent without sacrificing assay sensitivity.

Unparalleled experience

Pain management clinical trials and research involving acute and chronic pain are part of our core expertise. We helped lay the foundation for modern analgesia research.


When we say no one matches our analgesia experience, we mean precisely that. Our experts have the expertise that come only from experience — more than 850 trials’ worth.

There are many types of pain, and we’ve studied most of them

Dental pain, burns, fibromyalgia, disk disease, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis — we’ve researched these and many more.


Meeting challenge #1:
Patient recruitment

Finding patients starts with knowing the right sites and the most motivated investigators.

Optimizing patient-reported outcomes

Our customers prefer electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) over paper reports 4-1, citing numerous advantages. We help maximize their effectiveness.

Confronting opioid addiction

Abuse of opioid painkillers has reached epidemic levels. We’re out front helping biopharmaceutical companies develop solutions.

Unmatched fibromyalgia experience

We’ve conducted 12 studies in the past five years.

No generalists here

Work with a team that’s dedicated exclusively to analgesia studies and is fluent in the field, from recruiting patients to gaining regulatory approval.

Analgesia resources

Meet our top analgesia expert and discover informative webinars, white papers, and case studies.

We have unequaled experience in chronic and acute pain, including pediatric studies. It’s what we do. Best.

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