Our customers inspire us

Let’s not forget why we are doing this!

“Thank you and your CRA teams in reaching this important [patient recruitment] milestone. We know that this is only the first step to the finish line and has taken great effort from the collaborative team we have working in partnership. For the patients and families, this is hopefully one more step to having another medication to help manage – let’s not forget why we are doing this! Congratulations everyone!”

Head of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, small pharma

A great team!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and continued enthusiasm and patience with all the challenges we are facing on this study. You really are a great team and every contact we have with you, whether email or phone, is so pleasant and cooperative. As a sponsor, it makes a great difference as we often have direct comparisons to make with other third parties on our studies.

PM Support Specialist, specialty pharma

Quick turnaround

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We appreciate your quick turnaround!!!!!

Clinical Research Scientist / Clinical Trial Leader, large pharma

Above and beyond

Just wanted to say an extra thank you for going above and beyond and providing help to the team! Thanks for all your efforts!

Director of Clinical Data Management, small biopharma


Fantastic news! Thank you very much! Great team accomplishment and major milestone for our program. Thanks to your hard work, we've achieved the IA on time. Hooray!

Global Development Team Lead, small pharma

Great display of ownership culture

Thank you for your contribution to 100% QC of Submission PDRs. This was a great display of ownership culture and of what can be accomplished through teamwork. Thank you again for your focus, dedication and sacrifice of weekend to support the urgent request. You have displayed admirable characteristics which lead to a more trusting and effective partnership between Premier Research and our company. As we work together effectively, we are showing great benefit to our studies and most importantly to our patients. I hope to continue a close and successful working relationship with you.

Anonymous, large pharma

Great big thanks

A great big thanks to everyone on our study teams for the hard work (and so many other things!) to get us to this important milestone! THANK YOU!!!

Clinical Operations Manager, small biotech

The best I've ever seen

The monitoring reports for this team are the best that I have ever seen.

Project Director, small biotech

The best writer I’ve ever worked with

I want to thank you for your careful and hard work on our clinical study report. I very much appreciate your willingness and ability to work with us to meet our deadlines, despite last minute changes and other challenging issues, while also maintaining a high level of diligence over the drafts. I also was impressed by how you grasped our technology and the language around our somewhat esoteric subject matter. By far you are the best writer I have worked with in my career. We are on the verge of completing enrollment of our follow-up study. I will be lobbying hard for you to work with us on that report as well.

Chief Medical Officer, medical device

Organized approach to SQV

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you. I wanted to say how impressed I was with your organized approach to the SQV, you had clearly spent a lot of time understanding the protocol and preparing for the visit. Thank you.

Project Manager, CNS, small pharma

An important milestone

An important milestone has been successfully achieved by the team. Big thanks and recognition are also due for so ably and steadily planning and driving towards this milestone over the past couple of months, including incorporating lessons learned from the past interim analyses. Fantastic job, team!!

Global Clinical Development Lead, rare disease, small pharma

Super happy about the HREC submission in Australia

Many thanks to the Premier Team for working to achieve this important goal, and supporting us in this submission! One down, 119 to go!

VP, Clinical Development, small biotech

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