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Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

The Top 4 Problems Facing Clinical Research Project Managers (And Their Solutions)

Dealing with difficult situations is part of the job for project managers in any field, but clinical project managers (CPMs) must overcome a number of unique obstacles on the way to successful study completion. Read on for some of the biggest issues facing project managers today, as well as a few practical strategies for resolving...

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement

Strategic Start-Up: Project Managers Addressing MAGI Conference in Las Vegas

DURHAM, N.C., OCTOBER 3, 2016 — You’re starting a lengthy project that’s fraught with risk and could cost a billion dollars or more to complete. A couple of early missteps might spell disaster. Welcome to clinical drug research. Boost your odds of success with a robust project schedule and carefully executed startup plan. At MAGI’s...