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Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

The Placebo Problem in Pain Research: Keeping Up With the ‘Mrs. Joneses’

We were conducting a trial for a painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) drug and were investigating why one site had an especially high placebo response rate. Then one of our representatives, waiting in the site’s lobby to meet with the principal investigator, pinpointed the likely reason when a patient walked in the door. “Mrs. Jones,” the...

Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Premier Voices #3: The Placebo Problem Part 1 With Scott Millard

 The placebo effect’s impact on drug development is widely known, but you may be surprised to learn that the word “placebo” has had multiple meanings — all of them pejorative — going back hundreds of years. Scott Millard, Premier Research’s Executive Director for Strategic Development and Analgesia, explores the role of placebos in the...