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Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

PM360: How COVID Has Reshaped the Clinical Trial Regulatory Landscape

The concept of patient centricity is hardly new, but in recent months it has assumed new urgency as industry and regulators have had to adapt to an evolving landscape. The evolution is spurring substantial changes in how clinical trials are developed and implemented, as regulators revise their processes and issue updated guidance documents to encourage...


Long-Term Follow-Up in Gene Therapy Trials: Ensuring Patient Engagement & Regulatory Compliance

Gene therapy products are typically designed to achieve therapeutic effect through long-acting or permanent changes in the human body. Due to this extended period of exposure, patients who receive gene therapies may be at increased risk of delayed adverse events. To understand and mitigate the risk of these delayed adverse events, participants in gene therapy...

Data Management & Biostatistics

Managing Pandemic-Related Protocol Deviations: Tips for Clinical Trial Conduct

Conducting clinical trials of therapeutics and devices can be daunting, and COVID-19 has made this endeavor even more challenging. With the emergence of this pandemic, sponsors and CROs have been tasked with adapting processes, technologies, and training to move studies forward in a dynamic, demanding environment where regulations continue to evolve. For global studies, this...