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Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Webinar: Can Technology Replace Medical Coders?

Is Technology Replacing MEDDRA and WHODRUG Coding Specialists in Clinical Trials? All data generated in a clinical trial must be uniformly interpreted to ensure accurate results. Correct medical coding plays a critical role — and how that coding happens may be shifting. How is technology affecting the process of medical coding in clinical trials? Watch...

Data Management & Biostatistics

Coding Expert Joins B3/C3 Format Discussion at WHODrug Meeting

DURHAM, N.C., June 23, 2017 — A Premier Research medical coding expert will take part in a panel discussion on the new WHODrug B3 and C3 formats. Lubomir Tarabcak, Manager of Medical Coding, will be taking part in the hour-long panel at the WHODrug User Group Meeting, June 23 in Chicago. The discussion, to begin...