Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Boosting Immuno-Oncology’s Effectiveness Against Cancer

Immuno-oncology continues to be an exciting frontier in the fight against cancer. Researchers continue to develop drugs that allow the body to weaponize its own immune system against the growth of new tumors. Most uses of immunotherapies have been limited to cancers, like those in the lungs or pancreas, that produce a strong immune response. In his article...

Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Considering iRECIST Guidance in Evaluating Solid Tumors

In evaluating patient response to treatment of solid tumors, the nearly decade-old RECIST 1.1 guideline remains the gold standard. But the implementation earlier this year of the iRECIST guidance is focusing attention on how the many wide-ranging approaches to tumor assessment interrelate, and how they rank in relevance — today and looking forward. It all...