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Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Minimizing Early-Stage Oncology Failures with Adaptive Design Approaches

Despite advances in our understanding of the complex genetic, molecular, and immunological factors which lead to cancer, the success and likelihood of approval rates for oncology remain low. According to a recent study performed by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), nearly one-third of drugs entering phase 2 studies between 2006 and 2015 failed to progress....


Starting a Novel Oncology Trial? A Lot Is at Stake, So Attend this February 24 Webinar

PHILADELPHIA, FEBRUARY 24, 2016 — There’s a lot to consider when investigating a novel and targeted oncology compound, and decisions you make early on can have profound and lasting implications. At a webinar on Wednesday, February 24, Premier Research will show how making sound decisions from the outset can improve your odds of long-term success....