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Patient and Stakeholder Engagement

When Rare Diseases Take Research Far Afield: Dec. 15 Webinar

PHILADELPHIA, December 15, 2015 — Researching rare and ultra-rare diseases sometimes means taking the study to the patients, setting up sites in countries unaccustomed to hosting clinical research. Premier Research will examine the challenges of conducting trials in such unconventional locales at a webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 15. Opening sites in countries where trials are...

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement

Premier Research’s New Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Survey Accentuates Difficulty of Recruiting Patients and Motivating Patients to Take Part in Study

A new survey of clinical trial decision makers commissioned by Premier Research and involving 50 biotech and pharmaceutical firms in North America and Europe reveals that more than two-thirds (69%) of respondents said that among the most difficult factors in recruiting patients into a rare disease clinical trial was not only finding and motivating patients to join and remain in trials, but identifying and setting up investigative sites for studies.