Early-Stage Considerations for Maximizing Success in Initial Oncology Clinical Trials

There’s a lot to consider when investigating a novel and targeted oncology compound, and decisions you make early on can have profound and lasting implications. In this webinar, Premier Research shows how making sound decisions from the outset can improve your odds of long-term success.

Oncology experts, Paul Hallenbeck and Luke Gill, Executive Directors for Oncology, present Early-Stage Considerations for Maximizing Success in Initial Oncology Clinical Trials.

There’s a lot at stake when starting a drug study — the success of the compound at least, and maybe even the future of the company. Watch this webinar for guidance on such things as:

  • Strategy development: determining short- and long-term strategies and using a Target Product Profile to begin with the end in mind.
  • Translational medicine considerations: maximizing development of predictive biomarkers.
  • Defining the objectives of the initial trial.
  • Choosing the right contract research organization.

Drug makers can be reassured to know that almost a quarter of therapies now used to treat patients began as novel compounds and had beginnings like those our top oncology experts cover in this session.

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