Technology at Premier Research

Technology at Premier Research

As clinical research scientists, we’re innovators with big goals: to help develop therapies that improve lives and change the course of medicine. But behind every breakthrough are schedules, budgets, invoices, site visits, mountains of data, and thousands of interdependent transactions and events.

It’s complexity at every turn, so much that the details can overwhelm the science. So we developed a suite of technology applications to automate and simplify the clinical development process and help our customers, employees, and vendors focus more on innovation and less on administration. This level of transparency is changing forever the way we work.

From study design to regulatory submission, from recruiting to tracking adverse events, our in-process analytics help us plan and execute your trial seamlessly and efficiently. Our ePremier analytics and visualization software system provides real-time access to study-specific metrics, supporting fast, accurate decision-making — and helping you spot trends and protocol deviations in time to do something about them.  PremierPlan, our budget management and forecasting tool, lets you see what’s happening in the moment and adjusts rapidly to factors such as site performance and patient enrollment.

eMonitoring is a systematic approach to data management that assesses risk and centralizes data, making it readily available to those who need it — and can act on it. PremierPay is vastly improving investigator payments, vitally important when you consider that these fees constitute 40 percent of total trial costs.

Our Argus safety database supports faster decision-making, optimizes compliance, and simplifies risk management. With real-time data analytics, you’ll easily identify significant trends and spot outliers that otherwise might go unnoticed. And interactive voice response technology efficiently tracks and simplifies study oversight day to day, minute to minute. And Premier Mobile ePRO allows you to collect all the data that you need from your patients anywhere and at any time. Watch our demo to learn more.

That’s only a partial list of our capabilities, all provided as part of our full-service studies and some available as standalone services.

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