We’ve deployed our IVRS on more than 200 Phase I-IV trials

Focus more on science, less on administration

Your next drug study shouldn’t be a study in complexity — and it doesn’t have to be. Our interactive voice and web response system simplifies clinical trial management, improves data security, and easily accommodates your specific study design requirements.

Our reliable, fully validated 21 CFR Part 11-compliant IVRS/IWRS system incorporates electronic reporting and ePRO capabilities, allowing you to automate many aspects of your trial with flexibility and confidence. That means less stress on investigators and patients alike, and it lets you focus more on science and less on administration.

Our automated response technology, available as a full-service capability or as a standalone offering, has proven itself on trials throughout North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and Australia. It’s backed by a strong, stable team of developers and support personnel experienced in all facets of interactive response and ePRO systems.

You benefit from:

  • Fully automated user registration and approval.
  • Subject randomization and IP dispensing, including centralized, stratified, adaptive, and biased coin algorithms.
  • Screening, screen failure, washout, and run-in visit tracking — even management of rescue medication.
  • Early termination, completion, and follow-up visit tracking, including management and dispensing of down-taper medication.
  • Anytime access to customized reports that can be sorted, filtered, and exported.
  • Full-range clinical supply management including automatic reorders, expiry tracking, management of drug returns, and access to unblended reports.
  • Patient diary collection through voice or online.
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