Functional Services

Giving you full access to our extensive resource pool

A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company wanted to free itself from day-to-day administration of data operations. Another pharma company maintained a dedicated in-house team to manage investigator payments and knew there had to be a better way. Still another was paying a data operations vendor far too much for far too little.

All of these companies, and many more, got the timely and cost-effective help they needed from Premier Research.

We have created a flexible sourcing approach that gives sponsors the benefit of our clinical research expertise and access to our extensive resource pool. The advantages we offer can take many forms — from functional service provider agreements to server hosting, from siting data operations in cost-friendly Central and Eastern Europe to hybrid approaches that combine on-site resources, off-site resources, and global sourcing efficiency.

Here’s some of what we offer.

You’re now free to do what you do best

Pharma, biotech, and medical device companies increasingly turn to contract research organizations to outsource a wide range of activities through functional service provider agreements. From small scale to full service, FSPs can drive down costs and make you more agile by offering cafeteria-style flexibility.

Transfer and re-engage: A powerful path to flexibility and cost savings

You have a strong case for outsourcing but are concerned that personnel disruptions will derail productivity in the near term. And then there are the complex laws governing use of contract employees. Our transfer and re-engagement strategy gives you the benefits of outsourcing while mitigating the risks — and keeping you in full operational control.

Data management: A growing challenge, made easier

Every day the world creates and stores 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. Moving and sharing all that information is a huge challenge, made bigger by the growing need for data security. Our systems pros work with IT vendors on system design, setup, and support, giving you the benefit of our expertise and reducing your administrative burden. And because we know clinical research, we can provide peripheral services such as setting up and staffing your help desk.

40 percent savings in 4 weeks: Yeah, we’re that good

A U.S. pharmaceutical company needed an immediate outsourcing solution to replace an underperforming vendor. Premier Research stepped in and had a new team operational inside of a month. The client’s cost for this high-performing new capability: 40 percent less than it was paying the terminated vendor. When it comes to offshore outsourcing, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs for cost and quality while keeping your studies on track.

Getting creative: A hybrid answer when the conventional won’t do

We provide a level of outsourcing and/or insourcing support to meet your exact needs. With global reach and scalable resourcing models, Premier Research helps ensure timely completion of your trial and lets you shed the day-to-day responsibility and cost of employee management. You focus instead on core product development.

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