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Our growing understanding of cancer’s genetic and molecular origins is fueling rapid gains in rare oncology research. Rare cancer therapies accounted for more than 40 percent of FDA orphan drug designations in 2014, and increasing international cooperation among big pharma, biotech, and academia is making this research more efficient than ever. We examine trends andRead more

The challenges of greater regulatory scrutiny, complex logistics, downward cost pressure and increasingly rigorous data requirements are just a few of the reasons biotech and pharmaceutical companies look to outsource clinical trials. In a dynamic healthcare and regulatory environment, outsourcing increases flexibility by streamlining clinical trial management and enabling sponsors to concentrate their resources onRead more

Thanks for visiting the newest addition to our website, our Premier Perspectives blog! Our goal?  To give Premier People the chance to share and discuss their industry insights and ideas with customers, colleagues, patients, employees, and basically, anyone who’s interested in clinical research. We believe in improving productivity in clinical development, and sharing our ideas and bestRead more

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