Premier People: Jamie Duffy, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Women’s Health & Diagnostics

Premier Cultural Anchor: Caring & Empathy

I graduated in 2001 with a degree in Communications and Sociology, and a minor in Mexican American studies. There were no degree programs back then for clinical research and most positions in the industry required some type of science-related degree. I was interested in the communication aspect of the research field, so I started applying for jobs.

I landed a position as a Regulatory Coordinator at an SMO and worked my way into a Clinical Research Coordinator role. I got to interact with Principal Investigators on groundbreaking clinical trials and to support patient care in various therapeutic areas. My favorite was Women’s Health. It was very detailed work and required a lot of precision. But I loved it and, it turned out that I was good at it. Even though I was sad to leave the site side, I knew I wanted to grow and knew I could make an impact at a higher level. Eventually, I became a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) at a Sponsor.

CRAs spend a lot of time on the road traveling to trial sites and working independently, which can be challenging and isolating. It’s easy to get lonely or burned out when you are often working alone. Creating connections with colleagues is important to me, so I found ways to build and foster relationships.

Today, one of my primary roles is training and mentoring my managers and CRAs, and I’ve made communication and connection a key focus of my day-to-day work. Our amazing Clinical Operations team is always finding ways to connect with each other, as well as with other non-CRA team members. We are passionate about collaborating in our work and so much more.

I meet with my team frequently – as a group and one-on-one – to make sure they are getting the support they need. I see myself as a ‘CRA champion,’ making sure they aren’t overworked, they are supporting each other, and that they have the cross-training they need to confidently tackle any project. Our support pillars revolve around making room for everyone, rooting for everyone, empathizing with every member of our team, and knowing communication is king.

I love the culture and the people I get to work with, and I’ve discovered that my passion is mentoring. After working for various other larger organizations, I felt I could more easily see the impact of my work here. I also believe there are more opportunities to work collaboratively with my team members. It’s an important part of who we are.

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