Premier People: Carmen Rodriguez, Director, Clinical Data Sciences

Premier Cultural Anchor: One Team/Empowerment

“The most important experience I have had at Premier is that we are all treated as human beings; no matter their position, everyone in the company is accessible, friendly, and close.”

I moved to Premier from another contract research organization (CRO)—and what a difference! From the beginning, at Premier, I felt like I was part of a big family.

A month after I started, I attended my first international meeting. It was incredible; I barely even felt like I was new because everyone was so warm. There was no hierarchy, no sense of titles; we were all Premier employees. We shared our daily activities, our initiatives, and our motivation. For me, that was really important.

Premier has allowed me to learn and grow personally and professionally while providing me with some great experiences. When I joined Premier Research, I was a manager. From the beginning, I had the opportunity to learn, both on the job and through training like the Data Learning Series, a great program for my career journey.

In 2014, my manager asked me to manage the CRA team in the United Kingdom (UK). I was very enthusiastic because it was an excellent opportunity for me. The agreement was for one year, but I ended up staying three years. During that time, we started winning many important projects, which caused some of the good problems that can come with success. We had to hire new resources. We had to improve our procedures.

At the same time, we won a study with a Spanish pharma company. I was asked to go to the bid defense and even became the project manager for the study because they were looking for someone fluent in Spanish. There were so many exciting things happening at the same time; I was really happy. It also helped that my managers were there to mentor me in all these roles and make sure I had everything I needed. I have always felt supported by my managers and colleagues, not only in the good moments but also during the difficult times—like when I moved back to Spain from the UK and needed some time to readjust. The support from my Premier family has allowed me to improve my skills, increase my responsibilities, and succeed through all kinds of challenges.

The directors in clinical data science across Europe have been my colleagues for 13 years, and we really operate as one team. We try to be in constant communication. If someone is sick or someone is busy, we step in. I know that if I share a problem with my colleagues, they will always be there for me and help where they can.

During my tenure at Premier, I have felt fortunate to share my days with excellent managers, intelligent colleagues, inspiring professionals, and fantastic people who have positively impacted me and continue to make me feel like I am part of the Premier family.