Premier People:
April Marquick, Senior Regulatory Start-up Manager

Premier Culture Anchor: Empowerment

“Premier’s flexibility and understanding as an ethos is not only shared among colleagues, but also through the bonds we create with our clients.

One of my good friends was working at Premier Research. He called me and said, “I have an amazing job opportunity for you.” I jumped at it. And he was right.

Premier Research is a place where I have really matured professionally. In fact, I’ve consistently had outstanding opportunities here to grow and develop. In some contract research organizations (CROs) you are siloed; you only do ethics, or competent authority, or contracts. I’ve had a chance to work in and learn about all those areas. In fact, I got to learn about the whole start-up process, not just the regulatory submission. That’s important, because if you are only responsible for one piece, sometimes you lose sight of how the pieces fit together. At Premier you can deepen your understanding of the entire clinical trial.

In recent years I have been focused on cell and gene therapies (CGT). I have been able to work on more of these studies, get better experience and gain even more knowledge. And thanks to that, I’ve just been given a new CGT role. Because management has confidence in me, I am able to take on these new challenges with excitement and enthusiasm, rather than apprehension.

I’ve also matured personally over these last five years. Premier is so multicultural, there are so many different aspects to the people I work with—and we all constantly work across disciplines and geographies, partnering with people who bring valuable and varied skill sets to each team. Obviously, that has helped me grow as a person.

Another important aspect of Premier is the ethos of flexibility and understanding. If I have an issue, I’m never stressed that someone won’t understand. It’s not a worry whether my colleague or my line manager are sympathetic people; I think caring and empathy are really in the bones of Premier as a company. That also plays into work-life balance. Working with different regions, I need to be flexible with my timing. I know that if I work late or start early because of doing something in a certain time zone, that I can take an extended lunch break or finish early another day to compensate. That’s also true of the job itself; there is an elasticity—in the last five years my role has changed quite a lot. Nothing is stagnant. That is part of Premier’s flexibility.

Interestingly, all the things I credit Premier with—flexibility and understanding—are mirrored in our clients. I love sponsor contact and it’s a big part of my day. I think all the positive qualities of Premier just flow from the company to Premier employees to our sponsors and their employees. It’s like a complete circle.

And it’s why I’ve chosen to stay at Premier. My friend was right—it was an amazing opportunity. And it continues to be one.