Data Management & Biostatistics

Premier Insight 245: Getting Creative: A Hybrid Answer When the Conventional Won’t Do

When the going gets tough, the tough get … creative.

The search for the best resourcing solution sometimes defies a single answer. That’s when Premier Research combines outsourcing, insourcing, and geographic flexibility to devise a hybrid solution.

Rethinking data operations

A small oncology-focused biotech company presented such a challenge when seeking to contract out its data management services. We responded by embedding Premier Research staff at the company’s offices near Boston and locating heads-down data managers in home-based offices around the country — 20 people in all, comprising the client’s entire data operations function.

By assigning back-room functions to remotely located people, we helped the small company overcome space constraints at its headquarters and avoided the facility costs associated with housing people for whom geographic location was not a factor.

In a similar arrangement with a pharma company in Connecticut, we situated heads-down staff in low-cost Slovakia, achieving significant cost savings and effectively extending the client’s workday by way of the six-hour time difference.

The right balance

Over the past decade, we have implemented a functional sourcing approach that gives sponsors access to our clinical research expertise and deep resource pool. Our experience with flexible staffing solutions offers the right balance for companies seeking a proven business model for clinical trial success.

We provide a level of outsourcing and/or insourcing support according to your exact needs. With global reach and scalable resourcing models, Premier Research helps ensure timely completion of your trial and lets you shed the day-to-day responsibility and cost of employee management. You focus instead on core product development.