Hello, Premier Voices!

This weekend, just in time for ASCO’s annual meeting in Chicago, we’re launching our new podcast, Premier Voices!

Hosted by our own Paul Mirek, marketing manager at Premier, the podcast is aimed at sharing viewpoints and insights of our clinical research experts around the network and beyond. It’s our chance to get inside their heads to find out what they know, what makes them tick, and what drives them to help our biotech and specialty pharma sponsors through the clinical development process.

The inaugural edition of Premier Voices focuses on rare oncology drug development and takes a looks at:

  • Using adaptive design to limit patient exposure to ineffective treatments and increase the overall likelihood of success
  • Making the most of small and geographically dispersed patient populations
  • Dealing with limitations such as a lack of defined biomarkers and baseline standard-of-care therapies
  • Finding out what Dr. Colin Hayward, our chief medical officer, would be doing if he weren’t working in clinical development!

Check out Premier Voices, Episode 1!

If you’re in Chicago attending ASCO this week, don’t forget to drop by booth #17153, and you’ll have a chance to meet Colin and several of our experts. We know your time is precious at the meeting, so if you want to set something up in advance, you can do that here. (And, even if you aren’t in Chicago, you can always get in touch to set up some time to chat using that same link.)

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