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Nate Thompson

Chief Information Officer

Technology by itself is seldom a solution, but it plays a central role in bringing business outcomes to life. When those outcomes help medical researchers develop new therapies and give renewed hope to patients and their families, Nate Thompson is “all in.”

Nate compares his work supporting medical research with his passion for surfing – “110% commitment while paddling for a wave is the only way to ensure you’ll actually catch the wave,” he says.  No commitment….no wave. That principle applies equally in developing people, processes, and technologies that drive efficiency and inspire innovation in clinical research.

My goal is a future where fewer mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters will endure the helplessness that accompanies a loved one’s struggle with serious illness or disease.

With more than 15 years of corporate IT experience, Nate joined Premier Research in 2017 from INC Research, where he was Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture and Innovation. Prior to joining INC Research, he was Corporate Network Manager for Kendle International. He also worked in network administration for market research firm BASES and at Jackson General Hospital.

Nate sees the future of drug development as more promising than ever. “More and more professionals are dedicating their lives to developing therapies that improve world health, and advances in technology are helping drive innovation. I think anything is possible when our industry works together in support of a common cause.”

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