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Karen Brown

Vice President, Marketing

Early in her career, Karen Brown was told that marketing could not drive revenue — that “it was simply beyond our control.” Determined to disprove that assertion, she set out to build teams that were accountable and focused on measuring results and driving business opportunities aligned to business wins.

Today she is responsible for developing strategic marketing plans to support Premier Research’s commercial objectives, brand, and position in the life sciences industry.

“Great things are happening in the industry due largely to advancements in technology and analytics. I’m excited to be part of a company that’s supporting the development of novel therapies and innovative technologies.”

Ms. Brown has spent most of her career in life sciences, from laboratory supplies to clinical, compliance, and commercial services. Prior to joining Premier Research, she led senior marketing teams at Deloitte, introducing new sales support techniques, marketing automation, and digital strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, and other clients.

Prior to that, she served as a senior global marketing director at Quintiles and as head of marketing for Compliance Implementation Services, a consultant to the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries.

Ms. Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from North Carolina State University.

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