Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

Novel Trial Approaches for Rare Cancer Patients

Rare cancers account for 22 percent of cancer diagnoses worldwide, yet there is no universally accepted definition for a “rare” cancer. Moreover, with the evolution of genomics and associated changes in categorizing tumors, some common cancers are now characterized into groups of rare cancers, each with a unique implication for patient management and therapy.

This shifting paradigm may well underestimate the incidence of rare cancers, and further underscores the need for innovative approaches in developing new therapies. Challenges include patient access, biomarker testing requirements, selecting the right endpoints, developing alternative study designs that minimize sample size and improve data outcomes, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

This webinar will explore the promise and challenges associated with the planning and execution of rare cancer trials.

Presented by: Rupa Doshi, PhD, Executive Director – Program Strategy, Oncology and Sameena Sharif, PhD, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy